Elks Care, Elks Share.

A Word From Our Exalted Ruler,
Billy Samora

Greetings to all our members.


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. July was a quiet month for our Lodge. We had the National Convention in early July. I will post on the bulletin board the results of the new propositions that were voted on at the convention. I would like to thank Scott Brown (PER) for his attendance.


We also attended the 21st Annual Miracle Bike Run which was held at the Hightstown New Jersey Elks Lodge #1955. The event is held every year to benefit the children with special needs. I would like to thank Andrew and Diane for their attendance at this event.


While we are on this subject we will need more of our members and board members to step up and attend one or two of the events that we are obligated to go. It looks good for our lodge and it helps to see what is happening in the district.


Upcoming district meetings and events can be viewed on the North District calendar.


Stay cool and enjoy the balance of the summer.



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